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Promoting Equity and Diversity With Gender Inclusive Restrooms

In the Office for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, we agree that equity gives people access to the same opportunities, and having gender-neutral restrooms promotes equity and diversity at UC Davis.

Adrienne S. Lawson-Thompson, Ed.D. is the Director of Institutional Culture/Climate and Community Engagement in the Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at the UC Davis Health System. In this role, she facilitates workshops involving equity and social change, restorative justice, and cultural and language diversity for faculty, staff, students and health practitioners.

What’s the Deal With Gender Pronouns?

Hello, blogosphere! My name is Shea, I work at the UC Davis School of Medicine, and my gender pronouns are she/her/hers.

Shea Hazarian is an Academic Programs Analyst at UC Davis Health and the Improving OUTcomes Conference coordinator. She earned a BA in Sociology from the University of San Francisco and currently works to develop multiple LGBTQ+ health initiatives at the Health System.

Queering Up the Pap Process

Hospital waiting rooms are never fun. There’s this strange stillness that takes over everything. Time moves slower. The lights are brighter, but still manage to dim the surroundings. Everybody around me is speaking like Teddy Ruxpin in need of new batteries. I can’t stop my legs from nervously shaking. It’s been nine years since I’ve …

joviJovi Radtke is a Spoken Word activist who recently relocated to the Bay Area after calling Sacramento their home for a little more than 18 years. They can be seen hugging strangers, freelancing in web development and graphic design, adventuring with their wife and dog, and trying to write their first great American novel.