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Highlights from Improving OUTcomes 2015

Check out our brilliant presenters from last year! We are so fortunate to name so many colleagues who fully commit their work to LGBTQI health care.

Shea Hazarian
Improving OUTcomes coordinator and co-editor of the Improving OUTcomes website and blog.

Edward J. Callahan, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Family and Community Medicine
Chair, Vice Chancellor’s LGBTQI Advisory Committee

Paul David Terry, MNA
Co-editor of the Improving OUTcomes website and blog.

Neurobiological Markers of Stress in LGB Young Adults during a Time of Progressive Political and Societal Change

Research has shown that despite progressive institutional laws that promote equal rights for all citizens, including the extension of marriage rights to same-sex couples, the current cultural and political context for the development of sexual minority emerging adults remains variable and influenced by heterosexist popular opinion. Indeed, we recently published a study that tested the …

Parra photoLuis Armando Parra is a third-year Human Development doctoral student in the Department of Human Ecology at the University of California, Davis. His research focuses on the intersection of ethnic/racial and sexual minority identities. Specifically, he studies the effects of compounded ethnic/racial and sexual minority prejudice (i.e., stress) on physiological self-regulatory mechanisms , and in turn, their effects on psychosocial adjustment (e.g., depression). Mr. Parra seeks to identify resilience factors such as parent and peer social support and coping strategies to help ameliorate the adverse effects of prejudice in sexual minority people of color.