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Introducing Our LGBTQI Health Resources Map

In anticipation of our 2016 conference this week, we’re excited to unveil our newest project: the LGBTQI Health Resources Map! Borne of the need for a far-reaching statewide source of information, we hope that this map will provide a bridge between the many regional networks that provide competent and compassionate care, as well as between …

Special thanks to Paul David Terry, Shea Hazarian, Kylie Blume, Tristan Boyer, Manpreet Kaur, and Page Design Group for their tremendous help in developing this map.

Shea Hazarian
Improving OUTcomes coordinator and co-editor of the Improving OUTcomes website and blog.

Edward J. Callahan, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Family and Community Medicine
Chair, Vice Chancellor’s LGBTQI Advisory Committee

Paul David Terry, MNA
Co-editor of the Improving OUTcomes website and blog.

The Virtual Bridge: Rethinking Health Resources Online

Five years ago my friend confided in me that He wanted to be a She. It took one moment for me to tell her how honored I was to know her story, and a few minutes for her to answer my question: “When did you first know?”. She and I spent hours talking about the process …

Paul David Terry, MNA is the Interim Director of Communications at UC Davis Integrative Medicine and co-editor of the Improving OUTcomes website and blog. He serves on the Vice Chancellor’s LGBTQI Advisory Council and is a past presenter for the Improving OUTcomes Conference, contributing workshops on strateges that reach and engage online LGBTQI patients and communities.