Improving OUTcomes 2017 Summit: Leading Through Uncertainty in LGBTQ+ Healthcare

We’re excited to announce that registration for our third annual Improving OUTcomes Leadership Summit on March 25, 2017 is now open!

This past year was an important time of growth for Improving OUTcomes: we launched our health resources map, held our first sponsored Grand Rounds presentation, and had a successful 2016 Conference.

With a new year comes new goals – as well as some uncertainty about what healthcare and LGBTQ+ competent care will look like under a new presidential administration. Now, more than ever, we reflect upon our place in the health ecosystem and our strengths and challenges. We found that most of our conference attendees were already versed in LGBTQ+ care. Additionally, they weren’t just doctors and nurses – we were joined by lawyers, community organizers, and interested citizens. So we asked ourselves: how could we make the greatest impact with this impassioned group?

This led to the idea of a Leadership Summit for our third annual conference. Instead of focusing on “LGBT 101,” we aimed to activate those who already knew the basics. We will work on: organizational change; getting our leaders and peers to understand us and join our cause; and developing systems and policies that are equitable, sustainable, and strategic.

Additionally, one of our main goals is networking. Last year we were floored by how many LGBTQ+ health projects were happening in our community that we didn’t know about. And when we come together, we share best practices and develop collaborative ideas in addition to sharing information.

lesbiansWe are thrilled to share our speakers for the Improving OUTcomes 2017 Leadership Summit below:

Michelle Famula, MD is the former Medical Director of UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services and Internist at UC Davis Health. As a primary care physician, she helped cover transgender-competent care under the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).

Jennifer Ingram, MS is the Diversity and Inclusion Program Director at the Mayo Clinic. She has worked to develop a Mayo Employee Resource Group (MERG) network.

Michael Upton, MD is a Staff Psychiatrist at the University of Vermont’s Larner College of Medicine. He recently earned an internal grant usually reserved for faculty to mentor students in developing LGBTQ+ competencies in their medical education.

Nic Caballero, MSW is an LGBTQ Specialist at WEAVE, Inc., Sacramento County’s primary crisis intervention service provider for victims and survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

We cannot wait to see you at the 2017 Leadership Summit on Saturday, March 25!

175p CallahanEdward J. Callahan, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Family and Community Medicine
Chair, Vice Chancellor’s LGBTQ+ Advisory Council

Shea Hazarian
Improving OUTcomes coordinator and co-editor of the Improving OUTcomes website and blog.

Paul David Terry, MNA
Co-editor of the Improving OUTcomes website and blog.