Health Resources

Welcome to the Improving OUTcomes LGBTQ+* health resources section.

We at UC Davis Health are committed to reducing all health disparities including those experienced by minorities in sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Our commitment to transforming and enhancing care for LGBTQ+ patients has earned recognition by the Human Rights Campaign as a Leader in LGBT Healthcare Equality for nine consecutive years.

UC Davis Health is dedicated to serving as a curator for online LGBTQ+ health information and improving care for the patients we serve. As part of our mission, we have created this health resource section, along with the Improving OUTcomes blog and the UC Davis LGBTQI Health Facebook page, to support patient care, family and ally education, wellness, and community health, along with several research publications.

Our Health Resources Map features LGBTQ+ health and advocacy resources from every region in California, as well as nationally. We plan for this map to be a growing and expanding source of information as we gain input from healthcare providers, advocates, social services providers and, of course, patients. If you know of an LGBTQ+ champion organization in your community, please send the name of the organization along with any online information to

You can also check out our health videos, research publications for providers, and resources for patients by clicking on the tabs above.

* LGBTQ+ is an umbrella term used to encompass all sexual and gender minority patients: lesbian, gay, bisexual/pansexual, transgender, queer, intersex, nonbinary and other related populations. We use this acronym for the sake of continuity, but we recognize that there are many identities left out of this term and we are intentionally working to include a broad range of resources for all gender identities and sexual orientations.