Improving OUTcomes Committee

Edward J. Callahan, Ph.D.

Conference Chair
Editor, Improving OUTcomes Blog

Associate Vice Chancellor Emeritus, Academic Personnel
Professor Emeritus, Family and Community Medicine
UC Davis School of Medicine

Specialties: physician-patient interaction outcomes, LGBTQ+ health care delivery, recruitment and retention of culturally diverse faculty

Paul David Terry, MNA

Editor, Improving OUTcomes Blog

Program Manager
UC Davis Integrative Medicine
Institute for Population Health Improvement

Specialties: online social wellness, engaging virtual populations in healthcare, academia, government and nonprofit organizations, volunteer management

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Shea Hazarian

Editor, Improving OUTcomes Blog

Medical Student and Resident Program Coordinator
Office of Student and Resident Diversity
UC Davis School of Medicine

Specialties: social justice education, professional development for students and faculty, sexual health education, LGBTQI+ advocacy

Megan Ober, RN

Chair, LGBT Cancer Task Force
Adult Infusion Nurse
UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

Specialties: support for cancer/oncology patients


Manny Rios

Partner Services Specialist
Office of AIDS
California Department of Public Health

Specialties: sexual health advocacy, HIV services


Antionette “Annie” J. Caruso

Recruitment Analyst
Offices of Academic Personnel and
Faculty Development & Diversity
UC Davis School of Medicine

Specialties: recruiting and retaining diverse faculty, effective academic personnel processes

Adrienne Lawson, Ed.D.

Director of Institutional Culture/Climate
and Community Engagement
Office for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
UC Davis Health System

Specialties: equity, climate and culture change in organizations, women faculty leadership and retention, cultural and language diversity,  gender differences, role-modeling and mentorship, faculty and staff diversity and inclusion